All of us in New Zealand have been shocked and drained by news of the terrible quake in Christchurch last week. For we who live in other parts of the country, it is impossible to imagine just what it was, and still is, like, for those affected. We really want to help, but we also feel helpless. If we only had magic wands... but I haven't seen any of those making an appearance.

As a very humble contribution, I have decided to donate all the proceeds from my recently-recorded harp solo work by Kenneth Young, a composer originally from Christchurch, to Variety, The Children's Charity. Variety is set up to assist children who have suffered loss, injury, or other traumas from the quake, and it seems a very appropriate way to make a small difference.

Ken's beautiful and haunting work, entitled Autumn Arabesque, is now for sale on my website. If you would like to help the children of Christchurch by purchasing the mp3, please click on the Buy Now link on the main page or downloads page. And do enjoy the music!