Well, it's official -- I am a hopeless blogger! If you have been patiently waiting for something new, I thank you. But probably you haven't :-)

Actually I have been writing, but just not here. My wonderful friend and colleague Sara Cutler, Principal Harpist of the New York City Ballet Orchestra, has been my collaborator on a book about our late teacher Lucile Lawrence. The book, titled Lucile Lawrence, A Harpist's Philosophy, has just been published by Lyon and Healy, and is now available from their website:

Miss Lawrence was a truly inspirational musician and teacher. Sara and I hope that our book will, in some small way, help to preserve her legacy and her unique methodologies. The process of writing, and again focusing more and more deeply on her words and her beliefs, has been a wonderful and rewarding experience.

The book features a number of colour photographs, taken by my photographer husband Craig Hunter -- who also shot (almost) all the images on my website.

And, in case you missed it on the home page -- the beautiful Otari for Solo Harp, by Helen Fisher, is now available for download via Paypal. It is a gorgeous work evoking the tranquility and gentle movement of the native bush reserve by the same name in Wellington. Enjoy!