Lucile Lawrence

A Harpist's Philosophy

By Sara Cutler and Carolyn Mills

A tribute to Lucile Lawrence and her unique teaching methods and philosophies. Published by Lyon and Healy, and available at

All available as digital downloads ~ see below

PDF downloads available from Harp Column Music
or Sylvia Woods Harp Center

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George Brabazon

She Moved Through The Fair

Skye Boat Song (also featured in Harp Column blog here)

After Rain (from Unusual Times Collection)

Tango In The Rain (from Unusual Times Collection)

What The Bullfrog Saw (from Unusual Times Collection)

Unusual Times Collection also featured in Harp Column Podcast number 96 (beginning at 11 min)

As Green As A Leaf (from Enchantment Collection)

Enchantment (from Enchantment Collection)

My Lord What a Morning (from Two American Spirituals)